by Jump Cut

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its an album about love, religion, rent, friendship, college, dreams, nightmares,


released 30 July 2014

mahaffie - drums, guitar, vocals, synths
avila - bass, synths, mixing, mastering




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Track Name: Playing With Knees (An Ode To Einstein On The Beach)
ummmmmmm excuse me i think i fell asleep
following dreams i've had since justin burned me punk-o-rama 3
should i get off my seat and possibly introduce myself?
i didn't know they had atheists anonymous when i bought that sold out ticket to hell
but like everyone here, i would sell my soul for a career
but i don't see anyone buying, they just want me to keep serving beers
100 hours a week. 40 to eat and pay the rent
and the other 60 i can't tell if it's time wasted or time well spent.
Track Name: Doing Laundry!
i see these so-called adults walk around my town and because of last night she throws up and then politely swallows it back down. her shirt's all coffee stained because it is 3am and you got old and you're all alone and refuse to fucking sleep. just like that night before when everyone was bugging me to stay.

i'm just waiting for my turn, you are just waiting to give in. can you call me another day? today?!?! she keeps telling me I can't, well fuck you it won't last. yeah man I totally agree I've wasted all my money.

ran out of quarters man, it's getting fucking late. so my clothes will stink another week and by the end I still won't have a rate. my shirts = all my mistakes like veronica, angela, college and the 1st and 2nd date. but its not as bad as the books we didn't read in the 1st and 2nd grade.

i just want to find a place to call my home. can I come to bed to tonight I am fucking tired of the floor. maybe i should cut off all my hair.
Track Name: 22-Fillmore
i'm so excited i can hardly think of anything else. it's been 2 months. am i still drunk? at least were both burning in hell. don't touch me there because it still stings from when you beat me up last week. i'm taking the 22 home. tonight i'd rather be alone.

it's getting fucking hard to see through all the empty anchor steam. i'd rather not feel this safe. i need to get out of this place. don't touch me there because it still stings from when you beat me up last week. i'm taking the 22 home. tonight i'd rather be alone.

throw my button fly to the wall, while i wait my turn. it doesn't comfort me at all.

i don't want to fight tonight. i guess i don't have a say. do we have to leave right now? can you meet me on the way?
Track Name: Uncarded Sake Bombs
i'm still here. i know every bus route to get home.
i'm still here. in that bedroom we both shared
i'm still here. even though it's been three fucking years
i'm still here. you left your records and baseball caps
Track Name: About Last Night
i've taken stock of everything and found out i've been found wanting more and less of my old shoes. and this cough that i have had for the last 3 weeks is getting worse and worse and worse. she said "i tried everything within my grasp, i just wish that you cared enough to get some new friends a new job some medicine. so we can take that wheel and drive us out of this state because i'm depressed for all my friends who won't get the same chance to fall as hard as we both did. i am never coming back. i wish you would just come home with me. we could just split a cab or even just live on the streets.

about last night i hope you settled down. there is so much more work to do . 20 minutes waiting at j church. and everyone's so fucking a wrong. a majority that is unjust can't make rules for us.

I thought you would know better than me.
Track Name: I Wanna Be A Cult Leader
i took the long way home today.
i didn't mean for it to go this far
i guess it's time to move away.
so why isn't this hard?

i'm breaking down the walls that keeping me in.

tonight's tonight, i'm gonna use every excuse in this book
the more i think about it, the more i forget how you looked
when you were are outside smoking in your car.
i know that it is not healthy, but i find it attractive

i'm breaking down the walls that keeping me in.

i'm done pulling all the strings
unless you want to pull them with me
there's a big thorn in your side
he's not making this easy

i'm in western pennsylvania
pittsburgh to be exact
walking through lawrenceville, the hill district, and oakland
Track Name: Some Mistakes of M(os)e(s)
i don't appreciate it but does anyone? i don't think that i am acting up. i am realizing now that my life is so insignificant. so tell me what the hell are we doing here.

i am always home.

i saw an orthodox jew dancing at a bus stop while i was driving through the rain in echo park. i am losing my faith and the drinking didn't help. if you ask me honestly, i think i am going straight to hell.

i am always home.
Track Name: Tennesse (P.S. Eliot)
i've got affection to criticize, monogamy to abhor
a cold heart and an altered state of mind
and baby you're just what i'm looking for
because we'll go to sleep when we're dead
and i'll quit when i'm 25
but now i'm feeling indestructible
aimlessly alive

greedy minds think alike
great artists, narcissistic
it seems like you fucked up down this road before
but you know me, i'm pessimistic
the elusive or the primitive divine
i'll go wherever it goes
butterfly guts on the windshield
cigarette smoke out the window

i've got a mental image of the way you used to look at me
baby, lets push our limits
i've got a west coast heart and an east coast mentality
baby, lets push our limits
i've got a racing mind and enough gas to get to tennessee
baby, lets push our limits
i've got a west coast heart and an east coast mentality
baby, lets push our limits tonight
Track Name: Helen & Mr. Chin
don't want to be cool, i just want to be high. tell acid jesus that i am afraid to go outside. sneak out when our parents are asleep. steal beers because we got no money. at a party just trying to fit in. there's a bunch of kids watching holy mountain. even wiggy said he wasn't baked enough. filled our camel backs with the party punch.

is anything open? is anything free?
i don't want to talk about those problems.

when you walk in my apartment you will probably see 2 stains in the floor with a story. arianna spilled wine on a first date. have you ever had a dog that isn't house trained. helen says she is going to increase the rent. holy shit it's $700! pack up could we move to boyle heights? hey bart do you want to buy my bike?

is anything open? is anything free?
i'd be ok with minimum wage, no healthcare and weekends on weekdays
i don't want to talk about those problems.

8 days passed, did you miss me.
i made some friends, how's the city?
the coffee's hot, i have to leave
is there something wrong? no i am quite relieved.
Track Name: Footprints* (Revised)
I am open to walking home without you there. when i was nine you called my name. i called myself

what have i done?

it's just something that i can't believe. faith, it wasn't helping. my soul is full of complications. no cop outs or explanations.
Track Name: Mahaffie's Inferno
something happened while we were waiting. they won't let me in.
there's nothing you can do for me now. i will live with this.
mom this is the last time you will see me.
because something happened while we were waiting.